Hazardous Cargo

Reputation for safety in handling Hazardous Cargo

We have earned a well-deserved reputation as the “GO-To” company for handling hazardous cargo. Our strong commitment to safety, health and environment protection enables us to ensure safety of your haz cargo in storage, transportation and delivery. We adhere to strict protocols and follow stringent SOP’s while handling such cargo.

We are experts in shipping / air freighting hazardous cargo that are fully compliant with IMDG, ADR and IATA Regulations.

Our expertise is often called upon, not merely by clients but also by other forwarders and shipping lines.

We specialize in issuance of dangerous goods declaration, classification, packing, repacking, labeling and transport.

Our empowered team constantly updates its knowledge and practices on technology, issues and regulations to keep abreast of the latest safety practices in transport of haz cargo by surface, sea or air.

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